A 2-Day Training Workshop


The University e-Portal

Organised For:

Course Lecturers, Part Advisers and Faculty Secretaries

In the Faculty of Technology

Holding at the

INTECU Computer Laboratory

on 27 th and 28 th October, 2005


The OAU Portal was developed to perform the following tasks:

(i) On-line payment of fees using Scratch Cards

(ii) On-line Transcript Requests

(iii) On-line Course Registration

The effective operation of the Portal depends on the availability of the following sets of information:

(i) Curriculum list per programme per part.

(ii) Results of preceding semesters.

The above information and other sets of data required for the execution of the Portal are generated off the Portal through several existing applications packages such as:

(i) ISIS - For examination processing

(ii) Transcript Package - For generation of Transcripts.

(iii) Identity Card Interface package.

(iv) Admissions Package - JAMB Admission Selection, student Bio-data and generation of Matriculation Numbers.

(v) Personnel Records System

The above applications, which existed in single-user environment, have been converted to on-line versions to support multi-user access. This will allow capturing of data affecting units to support the update of data remotely. The conversion to on-line versions is now being tested.

In addition, the on-line packages will provide the following functions:

(i) Viewing/printing reports

(ii) Student Information (for DSA, Security Unit, Admissions, PBMU, DPBM).



Each of the 3 components of the OAU portal will now be briefly enumerated:


An Electronic Payment System developed caters for a number of payment needs such as Tuition, Accommodation and Transcripts. This electronic payment system will afford the student community, wherever they are, to pay and carry out the above listed academic activities with the university without physical presence in the university campus expect where/when necessary.

This will save the University the time, costs and labour required to collect necessary fees and to carry out those activities manually, as all payments are made directly to the network of banks strategically distributed across the country. This also enables the smooth running of all registrations, requests, applications and inquiries to be accomplished online via the University Website and Web-Portal.

This solution employs a scratch card technology to ease payment of all necessary tuitions and fees. Each student will buy scratch card(s) carrying the specific amount he/she is required to pay, he/she will then use the Personal Information Number (PIN) number on the card to log on to the electronic payment system in order to complete required transactions.

For maximum security, the electronic payment system will validate all enquiries first, irrespective, before granting access to the e-payment service. A 64-bit industry-certified generation algorithm (software) encryption system is utilised in the generation of the PIN code.


This system has been developed to cater for the transcripts requests and generation. It consists of the following modules:

  1. Online Transcript Request : This module enables alumni of the university to logon to the web-portal and send requests for transcripts. Such information is immediately accessed by the Examinations and Records Unit. Payment is effected using the Electronic Payment System.
  2. Transcript Generation : The Transcripts generation that resides in the Transcripts section will be used to generate transcripts. Data migrated from the ISIS package that resides in the departments is used for this purpose. The results migrated from the departments will not be editable in the Transcripts. Only information that was not known at the departments such as date of award of the degree, etc. will be added.

This system will aid the university to better manage the processing of transcripts.


This has both students and staff modules: STUDENTS MODULE

This comprises of all activities pertaining to students' registration ranging from Course registration to checking of results.

The activities available in this module are:

ü Bio-data Form (For fresh students only)

ü Course Form (MIS 1)

ü View Registered Courses

ü Student Information Form (MIS 2)

ü Check results (For returning students)

ü Accommodation Request

ü Mail Messages

ü Change Password STAFF MODULE

This comprises of all activities pertaining to staff control and management of students' registration procedures.

The activities available in this module are:

For Lecturers:

ü View/Filter Registration

ü Loading of Scores

ü Define/View Registration Limit

For Advisers:

ü View/Filter Registration

ü Deny Registration

ü Define Registration Outside Curriculum

ü Define Available Courses

ü Define Curriculum List and Pre-requisites

ü Allow Registration below minimum or above maximum


ü Mail Messages (Advisers/FS/Lectures/HOD/Dean/Principal Officers

ü Change Password (Logged on Staff)

ü Check Results (Advisers/FS/HOD/Dean Only)

ü Reset Student Password (Advisers/FS/HOD/Dean Only)

ü Define Staff (HOD/Dean/Director Only)

ü Faculty Clearance (FS Only)